Software Team

The software team writes a variety of software, including autonomous path planning software, computer vision software, and a ground control station.

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Competition Recap and 2016-2017 Goals

January 9, 2017

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Current Projects

Computer Vision System

While traversing the search area the system must find and automatically recognize ground targets.

Path Planning Research

One of the major aspects of the competition is obstacle avoidance, in which we need to ensure that the plane will avoid several virtual obstacles. These obstacles are a mix between stationary obstacles and dynamic obstacles, that move in a unknown pattern. We need to create a system to avoid these obstacles that is fast and reliable, and we are exploring technologies such as RRT’s, Probabilistic Road Maps, Neural networks, and reinforcement learning to be able to do so.

Ground Control Station

The ground control station allows for monitoring of the mission and associated tasks. This year we are designing our own web based GCS that is designed specifically for the AUVSI SUAS competition mission.