Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to TritonUAS!

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question, contact us using one of the options here.

1.What is the time commitment?

We have a few meetings during the week. Refer to the calendar for up to date meeting times. Typically, members will work on their projects outside of subteam meetings. This amount of time depends on your schedule and how much time you’d like to commit to the project.

2. Do I need to have experience?

No prior experience is required. If you are interested in a project we will guide you and help you learn the necessary skills needed to contribute.

3. How can I join?

Fill out our application form.

4. Where are the meetings held?

Meetings are held in Lab EBU1-B516 in the Jacobs School of Engineering.

5. When are the meetings held?

Check out our calendar for up-to-date meeting and event times.

6. What projects do you have going on?

Our airframe, embedded, and software subteams have numerous projects going on. What’s your area of interest? Check out our gallery of projects to find an area you’d like to work on.

7. Do I need to be an engineer to join?.

You do not need to be an engineer to join; we are simply looking for dedicated students with an interest in our mission.

8. Do I need to be a certain major to join one of the subteams?

Each subteam welcomes students of any major to join as long as they remain passionate about the subteam’s projects.